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Enterprise portal Development

Enterprise Portals are cutting-edge technologies that enhance business to business (B2B) communication, streamline financial operations and optimize costs. There are four key components to any portal: content delivery, user interface, portal management and web services. A key feature of enterprise portals is the de-centralized content management, which keeps the information always updated.
Embracing the latest trends in business and technologies, Qubeetech delivers a set of end-to-end Enterprise Portal Development service to its clients. We build enterprise portals that are cloud based, software-as-a-service (SaaS) and mobile friendly to provide online services using Single Sign-On facility. We focus on preserving the operation and integrity of 3rd party or legacy applications, thus provide an interactive model to integrate existing applications into the Portal System.

Portal Development

Through UI design. We use JSF, jQuery, Icefaces, Spring MVC and Wicket to develop a fully-fledged enterprise portal.

Portal Implementation

Sizing and Deployment on Cloud, integration with Identity Management, SAP R/3, Salesforce & Exchange, CMS Integration.

Portal Maintenance

For flawless performance, using SLA. We provide preventive maintenance, upgrades & enhancement and 24x7 Support.

Benefits of Enterprise portal
  • Fastest and easiest way for the users to get required information

  • Full functionality of daily used desktop applications

  • Raised users' graph of output and efficiency

  • Positively enhanced style of work

  • Efficient way of getting useful business information

  • Portal technology allows standardizing and enabling delivery channels for application platforms using SOA, by maximizing and leveraging on existing investments

Who can benefit
  • Large Enterprise willing to migrate their legacy applications

  • Enterprises willing to Deploy Portal for Team Engagements

  • Existing Small and Medium Web service providers

  • IT service providers, who want to get benefited in quality and cost-effective delivery model

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